Be a bride like no other, with our ability to create your very own custom designed wedding dress!

If you fear designing a gown from scratch, and never trying it on until it’s done; this is the answer!

Work with our experienced consultants to try on and find the perfect dress that suits your style, budget and dreams!

Start by trying on the dresses we have available to find the perfect fit and style, while exploring variations of lace, colour and details.

We specialise in fitted mermaids with an open detachable train, or overskirt that creates the look of a ball gown. As well as mix and matching a bodice of one dress, to the skirt of another*.

We can add delicate sleeves onto any of our gowns, in any style and design** you wish!

Even something as simple as a different neckline, lowering a back, adding sleeves or straps, and extending the train can make all the difference to making your dress the one you always dreamt of!

*We mix and match gowns only with certain designers.

** We only use our lace; we do not source lace from other companies.